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Welcome to concerto or aria a day


Hello friends and I guess strangers too (I guess that’s possible although, who are you weirdoes?!).  I had the idea to archive my daily musical improvisations a long time ago.  A long time ago I started to archive but I got distracted from it pretty quick.  My primary motivation for this blog is to just keep myself going.  If people watch-cool.  If not-cool.  It is mostly just for me.  I am not trying to display technical precision as much as I am trying to have fun and improvise something different every day.  So I will be posting things where I play a lot of wrong notes- um, although that is sort of a relative statement when you are making it up as you go.  Part of my motivation is to get myself to not fall in the habit of improvising the same kind of song every time and when I try changing things I don’t always get it right (by my own relative standards) but this is more about the experiment in improvisation than anything else.

-Stephen Crone


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